What Time Is It?

When you first walk in it seems so quiet.  Then slowly you realize there is a ticking sound then suddenly

You hear dozens of ticking sounds.  This small place of operation is filled with what appears to be a multitude of clocks.  Every shape and size, each one is unique and beautiful.  Even the ones that are just a shell of their former lives are beautiful.   What is even more interesting to me is the stories that go with each of the clocks he works on.  His name is Cyrus Wind Dancer he is a Horologist.  What he does and even his name is musical.  Cyrus will methodically research as well as restore these beautiful clocks that are from around the world and sometimes hundreds of years old.

For me the stories that go with these clocks make them even more beautiful.  For example some on the front of the glass have reverse painting;  where the detail is done first and then the background last.  If you have an art background you will know exactly what I am talking about.  How many of these clocks run for a week at a time and were only wound on Sunday mornings by either the father or grandfather of the family before they left to attend church.   Cyrus has a network of other craftsmen that are experienced in restoring old glass, and wood finishes that match exactly to the original.  How can this be anything but a labor of love.  Nathan is his legacy in this task.  Cyrus is instructing Nathan in all the  intricacies of this craft.  It was my great pleasure to meet them both and to photograph and to hear some of the amazing stories about some of these beautiful instruments of time keeping.

Oh my, look at the time!  For now I have to run