A Little Bit About Me.


Goal for 2018 Pass the part 107 certification test to fly drone commercially.

                                                   YES, done! 

Photography is my passion as well as a business.  I endeavor to produce images that preserve memories in a personal and artistic way.

2013 I stepped very far out of my comfort zone and signed up for this new class called Photoshop Artistry.  For me it was one of those remarkable "moments in time" where my passion for photography grew by leaps and bounds.  Not only in the work I do but the confidence it has given me to call myself an artist.

So often what the final image looks like may bear little or no resemblance to what I have captured through the lens of my camera. That’s because when it comes to my photography I now consider myself first and foremost an artist.  My canvas just happens to be a camera.  

My faith is the foundation upon which my life and career revolve. My desire is to have my art be uplifting and an encouragement to others. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share my passion with you.