Saracina's Sunflowers!

We have been waiting and calling it seems like daily.  Asking, "Are the sunflowers up yet?"  Well today WAS the day.  We headed up early in the morning to Hopland, CA, where beautiful Saracina Winery is located.  What started out as a foggy morning here in town proved to be a glorious sunny with amazing clouds by the time we arrived.  One might think oh, these flowers are gorgeous but I was enthralled by the machinery that goes down the rows of vines and grabs the vines, pulls off the clusters of grapes, spits the leaves out back and on a conveyor belt hauls the grapes up and drops them down a chute into the waiting container that takes the to their next leg of adventure of becoming a beautiful Merlot, Cabernet, or other amazing wine.

The sunflowers are aptly named as the head of the flower moves with the sun.  They reminded me of little soldiers out there in the fields.  I have also learned they provide a necessary nutrient to the soggy soil up there in Hopland.  Next year there a plans to have bee hives and to create a butterfly garden.  I cannot wait!  Take a leisurely drive up to Saracina and enjoy the beautiful view of these mountains and these brilliant golden flowers.